Illegal Property Seizure

IJM Zambia Defends Grace After Years of Threats On Her Home

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – After years of theft and threats from her own stepchildren, a Zambian widow named Grace finally has the rights to her home restored.

Overjoyed, Grace told her IJM social worker, "I am so glad there is an organization like IJM that cares for widows, because there is nowhere else that I could have turned to for help."

Abuse from Children She Raised

IJM Uganda: Justice Starts with…Paperwork?

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Faces obscured with dust masks streamed back and forth between a Ugandan courthouse and the large white tent dominating its yard. Volunteers hauled armfuls of dust-covered files to the tent's long tables, where another group carefully labeled each with a neat legal code.

Together with local staff from IJM Uganda, these volunteers organized more than 100,000 important records at two local courthouses this way. Though tired and dirty—with white latex gloves turned dirt brown—they knew their tedious work was crucial.

IJM Kampala: Finally Safe from Violence, Harriet Feels “Victorious”

KAMPALA, UGANDA – After her husband died, Harriet and her eight children endured years of abuse from relatives who wanted to steal her home and land.

But today—thanks to collaboration between local police and IJM Kampala—Harriet and her family are safe. Two violent relatives have been arrested, tried and found guilty of their crimes. Her home is secure, and Harriet is overjoyed.

IJM Kampala: The Very Relatives Who Took Nelson In As An Orphan Later Stole His Home

KAMPALA, UGANDA – When Nelson's parents died, he and his siblings faced an uncertain future until relatives took them in. But years later, Nelson would learn an awful truth: these same relatives had stolen his parents' property—a home and land that would help the orphans—and they would use lies, threats and violence to stop Nelson from getting it back.