Illegal Property Seizure

IJM Zambia: After 16 Years, "Justice Has Finally Prevailed" And Tasiyana Can Go Home

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Last week, one judge took a powerful stand for Tasiyana and her siblings. After a year-long trial, the uncle who stole their family’s home and left them penniless was convicted for his crimes. It is the end to a very long battle for justice – a battle that started 16 years ago. 

IJM Kampala: Four Weddings And A Future

MUKONO, UGANDA – Rebecca’s wedding day is one like many woman dream of: beautiful flowers, a packed church and a stunning white dress. This bride is nearly 70, but sits regally in her finery like a woman half her age.

In fact, just two seats down, there is a woman half her age in another white dress. And two more next to her. There are four veils, four bouquets and four grooms smiling by their sides. The four couples stand ready to formalize their marriages all at the same time.

IJM Secures Justice in a Courtroom in Zambia

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Late last week, IJM secured justice for Brian in a courtroom in Zambia: The man who had stolen Brian's inheritance – and his means of survival – was convicted and now awaits sentencing.

Mere days after Brian's father passed away, a distant relative seized the estate and claimed the benefits that Brian and his two siblings should have inherited. Suddenly Brian had nothing, and he was forced to drop out of school because he could no longer afford the monthly fees.