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IJM Guatemala: 10-year-old Boy Bravely Gives Testimony, Perpetrator Convicted for Sexual Abuse

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA – This week, a man was convicted in a Guatemalan courtroom for sexually abusing his 10-year-old nephew, Ricardo*.

Last year, Doctors Without Borders referred Ricardo’s case to IJM. The staff collaborated with local authorities to ensure the suspect was arrested, and the proper evidence was secured for the trial.

IJM Guatemala Celebrates Landmark Conviction and a Childhood Restored

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala – This year, IJM Guatemala celebrated a landmark conviction when a man was sentenced to 124 years in prison for sexually abusing two of his daughters. The conviction is the longest sentence in an IJM case since the office opened in 2005 – and it is a significant milestone on the journey of healing for the sisters who endured the abuse.

Man Sentenced to Over 50 Years in Prison for Violent Rape in Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA – Last week, a man was sentenced to 52 years in prison for a brutal sexual assault. For the survivor, 8-year-old Lucía,* the sentence was another step forward on a long and difficult road of healing.

“We hadn’t seen this level of physical violence before,” said IJM psychologist Miriam Cruz.  “Lucía was the most physically injured of any case we have had. She suffered severe trauma.” Lucia’s perpetrator broke into her family’s house during the night last year. He raped her and beat her so violently she fell unconscious, then left her nearly dead.