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Guatemalan Man Sentenced To 50 Years, Brothers Freed From Fear

GUATEMALA CITY – IJM Guatemala's psychologist Miriam Cruz has helped many children prepare to share the truth in court. She remembers standing with brothers Marlon,* 16, and Adrian,* 13. They were getting ready to enter the Gesell Chamber, a special room set up in Guatemalan courts so that children can testify in a comfortable place, instead of in the courtroom where the suspect is present.

IJM Guatemala: Three Men Convicted of Rape After 14-Year-Old Stella's Brave Testimony

GUATEMALA CITY – This week, three men were convicted and sentenced to 13 years in prison for raping Stella*, a 14-year-old Guatemalan girl.

Stella was in a convenience store buying medicine for her headache when three men started heckling her. She left the store, but the men followed her. Stella was beginning to panic when they grabbed her and brought her to an abandoned house. There, she was held at gunpoint and raped by each of the men.