Police Abuse of Power

This Kenyan Father Will Be Home For Christmas

NAIROBI, KENYA – Yesterday, Collins’ IJM lawyer, Wamaitha Kimani, went by the prison to tell him we believed he might get out on bail today. “He nodded and said thank you and goodbye. Then he came back again and asked me to repeat what I had just said to him,” Wamaitha pauses, then adds, “When I repeated and he understood my words, he touched his heart a couple of times, said the Lord bless IJM, and he spoke very little after that.”

Today, Collins is going home.

An Innocent Man Framed

Innocent Prisoners Waiting for Justice Find Unprecedented Support from Local Kenyan Churches

NAIROBI, KENYA – Less than ten miles from Nairobi’s main city square, Kariobangi is one of its most densely-populated slums. More than 150,000 people live in a hodge-podge of high rise apartments and shanties built from corrugated metal and other scrap supplies.

The marks of poverty are obvious: lack of actual roads, poor sanitation systems, communal toilets, high unemployment, and overcrowding, and the poor do not expect police to come running when they are in trouble.

IJM Kenya: Abusive Police Officer Arrested After Two Years in Hiding

NAIROBI, KENYA – More than two years after Derek* felt the pain of a police officer’s metal rod across his body, the high-ranking officer who allegedly beat him was finally arrested for his crimes and will stand trial later this year.

“There is a change occurring in these extremely hard cases of holding police accountable,” says IJM Kenya Field Office Director Shawn Kohl. “We have hope that the result will be justice for the poor.”

Brutally Beaten in His Own Neighborhood