Giving Thanks for Rescue—and a Joyful Reunion in Mumbai

MUMBAI, INDIA – Yesterday, IJM helped rescue two young women during a sting operation near a train station in the bustling city of Mumbai. IJM had first discovered and tried to rescue one of these girls back in August—but when the team arrived at the motel where they believed she was being regularly sold to customers, she was not among the five girls they were able to help free.

IJM Helps Rescue Nearly 60 Girls From Organic Pickle Factory in India

CHENNAI, INDIA – Last week, 59 girls were rescued from slavery in a factory that markets itself in the country as a conscientious food supplier of high-quality, organic pickles.

The girls—13 to 25 years old—were forced to work 16-hour days in the unsanitary factory, exposed to dangerous chemicals and barely nourished by rice and water boiled with onions. At night, they crammed mats into a two tiny rooms; 40 girls slept in one space about the size of a small studio apartment in New York City.

Tricked and Trapped, A Thousand Miles From Home

Enslaved for Two Decades, Families Struggle to “Envision Freedom” On Day of Rescue

CHENNAI, INDIA – More than thirty people were set free last week from a life of slavery—for some it was the only life they had ever known.

IJM and its partner, the Association for Rural Development (ARD), had uncovered a woodcutting operation where slaves were working 19-hour days—and some had been there for 19 years. On October 30, IJM and ARD staff presented the shocking evidence of slavery to the district government. The government mobilized a team to conduct a rescue operation.