IJM Chennai: 8 Adults Set Free, Some Enslaved For 15 Years

CHENNAI, INDIA – This week, eight men and women were set free from forced labor slavery in India.

They had begun working to repay a loan they had taken out from the owner of a tree-cutting facility. But 15 years later, many of them were nowhere closer to repaying the original loan – they were trapped in a cycle of slavery. The owner ran his business by moving the forced laborers from one plot of trees to the next, in turn constantly moving the men and women from one village to the next.

IJM Manila, National Bureau of Investigation Bring "Freedom And A New Life"

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – IJM Manila staff sat quietly with police officers from the National Bureau of Investigations and other members of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT). Minutes slowly ticked by, turning into hours. At 10:30 p.m., an undercover operative made a phone call, and the calm before the storm ended as everyone sprang into action.

The rescue team loaded into vans and sped off towards the large entertainment bar where they believed young women had been trafficked and sold for sexual exploitation.

Within Five Minutes, IJM Kolkata Mobilizes To Assist Police With Anti-Trafficking Operation

KOLKATA, INDIA – Five minutes after they received a call from Kolkata police, IJM social workers and a lawyer were in a car and on their way to the brothel. The city police had conducted a successful anti-trafficking operation at the brothel operating out of a private residence, and they called IJM for assistance with critical follow-up.

IJM Manila: A Brave Survivor Of Sexual Violence Helps Stage Undercover Operation

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – When Marisol* first made the long drive from Manila to the provincial town nearly 80 miles from her home, she thought she was on her way to a better life. The 17-year-old girl was going to be a domestic helper, a chance to make a living and gain independence from the poverty that defined her young life.