Rescue in Cebu: It Was Clear They Wanted Out

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Late last week, local police led an anti-trafficking operation on a bar where IJM discovered girls were being sold for sex. One of the trafficking survivors is a 16-year-old girl, and several of the women are young mothers who told IJM they were desperate to get out of the abusive bar.

"I don't want to do this anymore," said one woman in her early twenties, a mother of three children. She continued, "I'm a mother and I'm tired of this."

IJM Cambodia Assists Police with Anti-Trafficking Operation at Massage Parlor Doubling as a Brothel

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA – IJM discovered that girls were being routinely abused and sold for sex in a massage parlor located in a popular tourist destination. They collected evidence and submitted the case to local police, urging immediate action.

The very next evening, police staged an anti-trafficking operation at the brothel doubling as a massage parlor. IJM staff was on the scene to support the teenage girl and other women who were brought out of the brothel.

IJM Chennai: A Dozen Slaves Rescued from a Rice Mill

CHENNAI, INDIA – A dozen men and women and their children were freed from slavery in a rice mill over the weekend. Local authorities partnered with IJM to rescue the families and restore them to freedom.

One of the men who was rescued said he had not been allowed to leave the rice mill to visit his home for almost four years – even though his home is five minutes from the mill.

IJM Bangalore Helps Rescue Families from Slavery

BANGALORE, INDIA – This week, IJM Bangalore helped government officials to rescue families forced to work as slaves in an abusive brick kiln.

A brick-maker named Maruti* heard about a group that had helped people like him find freedom from slavery. He eventually tracked down the phone number of an IJM staff member and made a secret call for help.

The laborers told IJM that they were forced to wake up as early as 2AM to start working. They molded bricks from clay and baked them under the hot sun. They did not stop until nightfall.