IJM Delhi: 179 Rescued from Oppressive Brick Factory in India

DELHI, INDIA – Yesterday, IJM helped bring freedom to 179 who had been trapped in a life of slavery inside an oppressive brick factory in India.

Although it was the first time IJM had ever worked in this particular region, the government authorities leading the operation responded quickly and ensured each slave’s story was properly recorded and criminal charges were filed against the brick factory owner.

One slave reflected on his rescue: “Today I believe God is alive, in different shapes and in different people.”

IJM Manila: Six Accused of Using Karaoke Bar as Front for Sex Trafficking Arrested

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Last month, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) rescued young women from a three-story video-karaoke bar, including one 16-year-old girl. Half a dozen suspects were arrested during the operation and may face charges under the Philippines’ strong anti-trafficking law.

The Rescue

IJM uncovered the abuse that was happening inside the dingy bar located on a crowded street. After presenting evidence of sex trafficking to the NBI, a small team of IJM staff helped the police plan and execute the operation on May 15.

IJM Pampanga: Woman Identified as Pimp on ABC News Arrested After a Year of Searching, Girls as Young as 11 Set Free

PAMPANGA, THE PHILIPPINES – After more than a year of searching, IJM helped police locate and arrest a woman who had tried to sell young teens to an American man, without realizing she was talking to a news reporter and cameras were rolling. In last week’s operation, eight girls and teens, ranging from 11 to 19 years old, were rescued.

Tracking a Pimp Uncovered in ABC News Report

In early 2013, a woman approached an undercover reporter from ABC’s Nightline, telling him she had young teenagers who are virgins to offer for sale.