Unable to Testify, Rochelle Finds Justice

KIGALI, RWANDA – At 15 years old, Rochelle* had already experienced plenty of hardship in her young life: She was born without the ability to speak as well as a slight mental disability, and became an orphan at a young age.

Without a voice, Rochelle was left deeply vulnerable. A neighbor took note of her struggles—not to help her, but to harm her.

Preyed Upon Steps from Her Own Home

IJM Rwanda Social Worker’s Story as a Genocide Survivor Helps her Bring Healing to Others

KIGALI, RWANDA – Brigitte takes a deep breath and smiles as she speaks. Always warm and quick to laugh, it’s clear she loves what she does. As a social worker with IJM Rwanda, Brigitte helps children and their families process trauma and find restoration after sexual violence.

“I give all my time to hear their stories. Telling and sharing is part of healing.”