Sex Trafficking

IJM Cambodia Helps Police with First Anti-Trafficking Operation of the Year

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA – IJM assisted police with an anti-trafficking operation at a massage parlor on January 20, 2014. Girls were apparently being sold to customers for sex on site, and two of the young women rescued that night are now at an aftercare shelter that will provide crisis care and assess their long-term needs.

IJM Kolkata: On New Year’s Eve, Two Girls Rescued Before Ever Abused

KOLKATA, INDIA – In the final operation of the year, IJM helped police rescue two girls on New Year's Eve from a bustling train station. It was the fifth attempt in three weeks to thwart traffickers using train stations as exchanges to buy and sell girls.

IJM mobilized a team quickly when they got the call from the Criminal Investigation Department. The police and IJM staff agreed on a plan, but carrying it out at a crowded train station would be challenging. The last attempt on Christmas Eve had failed, but they refused to give up.

Therapy Workshops Help Survivors in Mumbai Gain Confidence and Build Trust

MUMBAI, INDIA – Teenage girls are seated in a small circle, each one holding a section of the newspaper. But they're not reading; they're thinking. A therapist instructs the girls to imagine all the "bad news" in their lives and to picture the negative things they've been told, as if they were printed on the page. Then, the girls tear up that newspaper and toss the pieces into the middle of the room.

IJM Cebu: Six-Year Trial Ends with Justice for Survivors of Sex Trafficking

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Two traffickers were convicted on Friday, December 13, in a small, make-shift courtroom in a nondescript government building—a stand-in for the main courthouse which was damaged in a massive earthquake in Cebu in October.

It was the first judgment in a sex trafficking case since that earthquake and the subsequent Typhoon Haiyan that has devastated the surrounding islands. It was also the end of a six-year legal battle.