Sex Trafficking

IJM Mumbai Helps Rescue Sex Trafficking Victims From Busy Shopping Area

MUMBAI, INDIA – Four young women who were trafficked and sold for sex out of a motel in Mumbai are now safe in a shelter for survivors. IJM helped police rescue the girls from a second-story motel where they were routinely raped for profit. One of the girls told an IJM social worker that she "said no to every customer." But only one customer had ever respected her plea to be left alone.

At Long Last, IJM Mumbai And Police Rescue Three Girls From A Dark World Of Trafficking

MUMBAI, INDIA – When IJM and police entered the dimly lit lodge in a residential neighborhood of Mumbai, it was not for the first time. The long corridors leading to small rooms were all too familiar. IJM had been here multiple times over the last year, searching for underage girls who, their intelligence suggested, were routinely brought to the lodge and sold for sex. Time after time, the place had been empty.

Rescue At Last

IJM Manila: Sex Trafficking Trial Ends And Closes A "Painful Chapter" For Girls Rescued Years Ago

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Two traffickers have finally been convicted and sentenced to life in prison for trafficking underage girls to a bar and selling them for sex. "Justice was served today for our society," IJM Pampanga Deputy Director Rey Bicol said on January 18, 2013, as the judge announced the decision. Rey is the IJM lawyer who has been working on this case since 2009, when the four girls were rescued.