Sex Trafficking

IJM Manila: Sex Trafficking Survivors Set Free, One Girl Celebrates 13th Birthday Day After Christmas

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Thanks to one remarkable girl, seven more young women were rescued this month from a bar where they had been routinely sold for sex. The youngest was only 12 years old, and all of the girls had been trafficked there when they were teens.

IJM Kolkata: Survivors’ Talents Shine in Dance Performance

KOLKATA, INDIA – The crowd stirred in their seats, eager for the dance performance to begin. A police officer from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), a major police force in West Bengal, India, stood to address the room. While a law enforcement officer seems an unusual emcee, this show was an exceptional one: The 19 dancers about to perform were all sex trafficking survivors.

This Christmas Will Be Different For Girls Rescued In Cebu

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Three girls who had been trafficked and routinely sold for sex were rescued late last week in an undercover operation. The girls shared similar stories: all came from extremely impoverished families. The youngest was only 14 years old. What had started out like so many other dark nights on the Cebu streets ended with a new beginning.

IJM Kolkata: Bangladeshi Girl Rescued After One Week In Indian Brothel

KOLKATA, INDIA – Like many Bangladeshi girls, Shohela* loves dance, especially the traditional kinds of dance her culture is known for. So she was thrilled when she found out she could dance and earn much-needed money in India.

But as soon as Shohela arrived in Kolkata, she learned she would be required to do much more than dance. She had been trafficked to a brothel in a major red-light district. That same night, she was sold to the first man who would pay to rape her.