Sex Trafficking

IJM Kolkata, Police Rescue Two Girls "Trapped In A World Of Darkness"

KOLKATA, INDIA – On November 1, 2012, Kolkata police called IJM for assistance with an urgent rescue operation, two staff members mobilized immediately. They met over a dozen police officers at a safe meeting point, then travelled together to the house where they believed two teenage girls had been trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Girl Rescued From Dark Brothel During Daytime Operation In Kolkata

KOLKATA, INDIA – On a Thursday afternoon in October, Kolkata Police called IJM for assistance with an urgent operation in Kolkata's major red-light district. An IJM social worker and lawyer left immediately to meet the police, determined to find and rescue a girl who they believed had been trafficked there.

The police led the way to a brothel, which was dark, but for ominous red lights inside. Since it was daytime, brothel keepers and madams were asleep, many lying in the hallways. The team climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, quickly but quietly.

IJM, Police Rescue Three Girls From Brothel In One Of Kolkata's Red-Light Districts

KOLKATA, INDIA – In the early morning light, IJM staff and local police walked through one of Kolkata's largest red-light districts. They entered a dark brothel with several rooms on multiple stories, all facing an empty plaza in the middle.

The team went straight to a room on the first floor, where they believed girls trafficked from Nepal were being sold for sex. The brothel madam opened the door, and police told her she was under arrest.