Sex Trafficking

Trafficking Survivors Inspire: "Now We Can Help Other Girls"

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – A group of young women laugh and chat with one another as they pull plastic chairs into a circle. They are excited and at ease with one another. They've been meeting together like this for the past six months – it's a support group for trafficking survivors.

The Reintegration Support Network (RSN) is an innovative partnership between IJM Cebu and the local government, providing medical and psychosocial support to trafficking survivors who have moved out of aftercare shelters and back into their home communities.

5 Years After IJM Kolkata's First Rescue Operation At A Brothel, The Traffickers Are Convicted

KOLKATA, INDIA – In a small, crowded courtroom on a rainy afternoon in Kolkata, a five-year battle for justice ended with a resounding victory. Two brothel managers and the man who trafficked 15-year-old Renuka* from Bangladesh to Kolkata were convicted and sentenced to prison.

"On the darkest nights, this day will be a beacon of hope," says IJM Kolkata Field Office Director Biju Mathew, "In this work fighting sex trafficking, there are huge challenges. We see violence and despair. But every day, we can decide to persevere because we know that justice is possible."