Sex Trafficking

IJM Cambodia Secures Convictions Against Four Traffickers, One A Military Officer

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA – Last week, four perpetrators were convicted for sex trafficking crimes. Two had been involved in transporting girls from one province to another, and two owned the karaoke bar where girls were then sold for sexual exploitation.

In July 2011, IJM helped local police to rescue nine girls and women who had been trafficked to a brothel fronting as a small karaoke bar. IJM Cambodia lawyer Saroeun Sek represented the trafficking survivors in court, and the convictions are an important step in the survivors' own journey of healing from the abuse.

IJM Cebu Helps Police Rescue Girls Trafficked to Bars in Back-to-Back Operations

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – IJM assisted anti-trafficking police with back-to-back operations at two different karaoke bars where girls had been trafficked.

Five young women were rescued from the first karaoke bar. At HerSpace, the safe government shelter set up for trafficking survivors, each one signed statements that will be used as evidence in court against the suspected traffickers. IJM will represent the survivors as the case develops.

Rescue in Cebu: It Was Clear They Wanted Out

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Late last week, local police led an anti-trafficking operation on a bar where IJM discovered girls were being sold for sex. One of the trafficking survivors is a 16-year-old girl, and several of the women are young mothers who told IJM they were desperate to get out of the abusive bar.

"I don't want to do this anymore," said one woman in her early twenties, a mother of three children. She continued, "I'm a mother and I'm tired of this."