Sexual Violence

IJM Kenya: Despite Hostile Community, Justice and Healing for Vera

NAIROBI, Kenya – Justice was finally secured for one brave Kenyan girl this week, thanks to her testimony and the relentless determination of local police and IJM staff.

Despite pressure from her community to stay silent, 14-year-old Vera * courageously shared the truth about the man who sexually assaulted her. Now her abuser has been convicted and will face 20 years in prison for his crimes.

A Shocking Assault against a Vulnerable Girl

IJM Kenya: 20 Years for Gang Member Convicted of Terrifying Assault

NAIROBI, Kenya – Jillian* was only 15 years old when a notorious gang member brutally assaulted her. Over the next year, the young girl was plagued by fear. But with the support of her community and IJM Kenya, Jillian courageously spoke the truth about the abuse in court.

Her bravery has paid off. Last month, a Kenyan court convicted the gang member for raping Jillian and sent him to prison for 20 years.

Unimaginable Abuse

IJM Kenya and Police Arrest Orphanage Director Suspected of Child Abuse

NAIROBI, KENYA – This month, IJM investigators worked closely with local police to arrest an orphanage director in Kenya for allegedly raping one of the children under his care.

A 14-year-old girl, who had lived at the orphanage for nearly ten years, says the man brought her into his family's home and sexually abused her. But when she reported the abuse to other staff, no one would help. Even when she discovered she was pregnant as a result of the abuse, orphanage staff forced her to hide her pregnancy in silence.

Carissa Shares Dream With Trusted IJM Manila Social Worker: Little Sister Crying Out For Help

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Carissa* woke up sweating from her dream. It had seemed so real. Her little sister Jacqui* had been crying out for help. That's when she knew she had to tell someone about the abuse.

16-year-old Carissa has been living at a government-run children's shelter since she was rescued from her abusive home earlier this year. She meets regularly with her IJM social worker, who is helping her process the abuse she endured from her step-father. An IJM lawyer is helping build a case against the man.