Sexual Violence

Carissa Shares Dream With Trusted IJM Manila Social Worker: Little Sister Crying Out For Help

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Carissa* woke up sweating from her dream. It had seemed so real. Her little sister Jacqui* had been crying out for help. That's when she knew she had to tell someone about the abuse.

16-year-old Carissa has been living at a government-run children's shelter since she was rescued from her abusive home earlier this year. She meets regularly with her IJM social worker, who is helping her process the abuse she endured from her step-father. An IJM lawyer is helping build a case against the man.

IJM Manila: Father Convicted for Years of Abuse - Daughter Relieved and Hopeful

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – One young survivor made great progress on her journey to justice this week, as a Philippine court convicted Marikit's* father for sexually abusing her. He has been in jail since his arrest in 2007, and – with Monday's conviction – he will remain there for at least eight more years.

Major Step Forward to Protect Guatemalan Children: New National Policy Will Defend Children's Rights in Court

GUATEMALA CITY – In March 2013, the Guatemalan government launched a critical nationwide policy to better protect child victims of crimes, drafted with the help of IJM Guatemala and UNICEF.

This "General Instruction" policy substantially improves how public prosecutors handle crimes against children – including cases of sexual assault – from the initial report of abuse through the entire legal process.

IJM Kenya: Man Given Life Sentence for Abusing 7-Year-Old Boy

NAIROBI, KENYA – Last week, a Kenyan man who sexually abused 7-year-old Joel* was officially sentenced to life in prison. Thanks to the quick action of his neighbors and the hard work of IJM Kenya, Joel and his family can look forward to a safer future.

Confronted by a Stranger

In January 2012, Joel was playing with his friends when a man asked him to help carry a parcel in exchange for a small tip. But when Joel went to help, the man led him into a nearby forest and violently sexually assaulted him.