Sexual Violence

Guatemalan Man Sentenced To 50 Years, Brothers Freed From Fear

GUATEMALA CITY – IJM Guatemala's psychologist Miriam Cruz has helped many children prepare to share the truth in court. She remembers standing with brothers Marlon,* 16, and Adrian,* 13. They were getting ready to enter the Gesell Chamber, a special room set up in Guatemalan courts so that children can testify in a comfortable place, instead of in the courtroom where the suspect is present.

IJM Manila: A Brave Survivor Of Sexual Violence Helps Stage Undercover Operation

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – When Marisol* first made the long drive from Manila to the provincial town nearly 80 miles from her home, she thought she was on her way to a better life. The 17-year-old girl was going to be a domestic helper, a chance to make a living and gain independence from the poverty that defined her young life.