Sexual Violence

IJM Guatemala: Soccer Instructor Sentenced to 111 Years in Prison for Sexual Abuse

GUATEMALA CITY – A man who offered private soccer lessons to young children was convicted in late May and sentenced to 111 years in prison for sexually abusing five boys and girls. Four of the children were siblings, including 8-year-old twin girls and two brothers, 6 and 15. The fifth boy was 9 years old.

Griselda's Story: A Brave Survivor Dreams for her Country

GUATEMALA CITY – Griselda* was walking home with her mother and brother from a Mother’s Day celebration at church. Suddenly, a blue car cut in front of the family. A man jumped out, grabbed 13-year-old Griselda, and sped away.

Griselda’s mother was shocked and shouted for help. She flagged down a passing police car, and they drove to a neighborhood notorious for violent crime and gang activity. The blur car was sitting in an empty lot; Griselda was inside.

She had been raped at gunpoint by three men. Two fled by the time the police arrived, and the other man was arrested.

Unable to Testify, Rochelle Finds Justice

KIGALI, RWANDA – At 15 years old, Rochelle* had already experienced plenty of hardship in her young life: She was born without the ability to speak as well as a slight mental disability, and became an orphan at a young age.

Without a voice, Rochelle was left deeply vulnerable. A neighbor took note of her struggles—not to help her, but to harm her.

Preyed Upon Steps from Her Own Home

Impunity Ends in Bolivia: Teachers Convicted for Sexually Assaulting Students Avoided Prison for Years

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – All around the world, school is a place of learning and dreaming. It’s a place where children can reach for opportunities that could alter a family’s future forever.

But for many girls in developing countries, school is a place with threats—the World Health Organization says sexual violence at or on the way to school is common. In fact, according to Human Rights Watch, it’s a main reason girls drop out. The IJM team in Bolivia is working to change this devastating reality.

Silvia’s Case