Sexual Violence

Here’s How an Arrest Can Happen in Kenya

NAIROBI, KENYA – Verity’s* mother immediately sensed something was wrong. Just home from the market, she found her 7-year-old clutching a small coin, terrified.

Verity bravely shared where she got the money: She said her father raped her that morning and bribed her silence with the coin, and that he threatened to beat her if she spoke out. Even more shocking—she said this was not the first time.

It was any mother’s worst nightmare. She quickly brought Verity to the police and to the hospital, but it would be six long months before the father was arrested.

IJM Guatemala Seeks Justice for Young Mother, Helps Her Find Strength

GUATEMALA CITY – When Iris* speaks about her daughter, she can’t help but smile with pride. At 17 years old, Iris is a young mother.

Her baby was born as a result of rape, but Iris refuses to let that violence define her or her daughter’s life. She says, “[My daughter] gives me the strength to go on and I have the desire to improve my life.”

Living in Fear

IJM Kenya: Justice Secured for Libby, Now a Young Mom

NAIROBI, KENYA – Libby’s* life was upended when an older relative sexually assaulted her in their impoverished Kenyan community. Though he tried to cover up the attack, Libby bravely testified against him and kept the baby born from the abuse.

This week, Libby’s attacker was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Now, this young mother can build a new, safer life with help from IJM Kenya and her family’s faithful support.

Scared into Silence after Multiple Attacks

IJM Manila: This Conviction Marks a Turning Point in Survivor’s Journey of Healing

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Yesterday, a man was sentenced to 40 years in prison and convicted for raping his daughter, Marikit.*

IJM has been working on this case since 2008, and IJM Manila attorney Ralph Catedral was grateful to make the phone call to tell Marikit and her mother the news.

“This victory is a testament to Marikit’s perseverance, our team’s relentless pursuit of justice, and our government’s commitment to the rule of law,” Catedral said, adding that his greatest hope is that “this victory would be a turning point in Marikit’s journey of healing.”