Sexual Violence

IJM Kenya: Man Arrested for Assaulting 6-Year-Old Girl

NAIROBI, KENYA – IJM and police worked together on Friday to successfully arrest a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl on her walk home from school this September.

The young girl and her mother reported the attack to police, and a family friend referred them to IJM Kenya for the legal help they needed.

As the family sought help, the attacker fled—traveling nearly 250 miles away to western Kenya when he heard a police report had been made. He had powerful connections within his community, making him even more difficult to track.

IJM Bolivia: Justice for 11-Year-Old Girl Betrayed, Assaulted by Her Godfather

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – Two years ago, 11-year-old Beatrice* went shopping with her neighbors. She knew them well—the family had children close to her age, and the father was actually her godfather. But on the way home from running errands, Beatrice was betrayed: The man she and her family had trusted for so long sexually abused her.

Beatrice was hurt and confused—and too afraid to tell anyone what had happened.

The Awful Betrayal and Public Abuse