South Asia

IJM Commends Milestone Meeting in India’s Fight Against Slavery

NEW DELHI, INDIA – The call to end modern-day slavery grew louder this week in India when government and NGO leaders convened to discuss the reality of forced labor. It was the first time an official national consultation has been dedicated to the issue since IJM began working in India to combat modern-day slavery more than a decade ago—and perhaps the first time ever.

IJM Helps Rescue 40 From Slavery in Dangerous Indian Forest

CHENNAI, INDIA – Forty people were rescued from a life of slavery last week, thanks to a government official who responded to the evidence presented by IJM and its local partner, the Association for Rural Development (ARD).

IJM's Director of National Interventions, Anu George, said one woman came up to her and said through tears: "I thought I was going to die here, until you came and rescued us."

IJM Mumbai Helps Rescue Girls from One Notorious Brothel after 7 Years of Attempts

MUMBAI, INDIA – For the past seven years, IJM and other anti-trafficking organizations have been trying to rescue girls from one notorious brothel in a massive red-light district in Mumbai. Due to high levels of sophisticated crime in the area, these attempts have failed time and time again.

On September 5, 2013, IJM and local police went back to the brothel again, and this time, they were able to rescue six young women and arrest two suspected traffickers.

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