South Asia

IJM Mumbai Helps Rescue Girls from One Notorious Brothel after 7 Years of Attempts

MUMBAI, INDIA – For the past seven years, IJM and other anti-trafficking organizations have been trying to rescue girls from one notorious brothel in a massive red-light district in Mumbai. Due to high levels of sophisticated crime in the area, these attempts have failed time and time again.

On September 5, 2013, IJM and local police went back to the brothel again, and this time, they were able to rescue six young women and arrest two suspected traffickers.

Bringing Light into Darkness

IJM Chennai: Eight-Year Trial Ends with Justice, Sex Trafficking Survivors Moving Forward

CHENNAI, INDIA – Eight years after IJM helped rescue two teenage sisters who were being sold for sex, an Indian court found three traffickers guilty on multiple charges. The traffickers face ten years in prison, and the young women are moving forward to a bright future.

Betrayed by Their Own Mother

IJM Bangalore: More Than Two Dozen Rescued from Slavery on Massive Construction Site

BANGALORE, INDIA – For many in the U.S., Monday was the end of a three-day weekend commemorating Labor Day; for 28 people rescued from a massive construction site in Bangalore, it was the beginning of freedom.

IJM first heard about this case of forced labor slavery from a partner organization called Jan Jagriti Kendra (JJK). This organization had learned about a missing persons report: Seven women had mysteriously vanished from a small village in central India, and officials had traced them to a construction facility in Bangalore—more than 800 miles away.