South Asia

IJM Kolkata: Bangladeshi Girl Rescued After One Week In Indian Brothel

KOLKATA, INDIA – Like many Bangladeshi girls, Shohela* loves dance, especially the traditional kinds of dance her culture is known for. So she was thrilled when she found out she could dance and earn much-needed money in India.

But as soon as Shohela arrived in Kolkata, she learned she would be required to do much more than dance. She had been trafficked to a brothel in a major red-light district. That same night, she was sold to the first man who would pay to rape her.

IJM Chennai Helps Rescue Families Divided By Slavery

CHENNAI, INDIA – Today, IJM helped local authorities rescue families from forced labor slavery in two rice mills. It was a joyful emancipation, and it was a reunion for families divided by the constraints of slavery.

Working with police and the government official in charge of the operation, IJM quickly identified the people enslaved in the first rice mill. They helped the children, women and men safely leave the rice mill, once and for all.

IJM Kolkata, Police Rescue Two Girls "Trapped In A World Of Darkness"

KOLKATA, INDIA – On November 1, 2012, Kolkata police called IJM for assistance with an urgent rescue operation, two staff members mobilized immediately. They met over a dozen police officers at a safe meeting point, then travelled together to the house where they believed two teenage girls had been trafficked for sexual exploitation.