South Asia

IJM, Police Rescue Three Girls From Brothel In One Of Kolkata's Red-Light Districts

KOLKATA, INDIA – In the early morning light, IJM staff and local police walked through one of Kolkata's largest red-light districts. They entered a dark brothel with several rooms on multiple stories, all facing an empty plaza in the middle.

The team went straight to a room on the first floor, where they believed girls trafficked from Nepal were being sold for sex. The brothel madam opened the door, and police told her she was under arrest.

IJM Chennai: Brothers Convicted For Violating India's Anti-Slavery Law

CHENNAI, INDIA – Late last week, two brothers were convicted for violating India's anti-slavery law, the Bonded Labor Act. The two men used slave labor to run a rice mill, and IJM helped government officials rescue families trapped as slaves there in two different operations.

In March 2009, nine families were set free from bondage at the rice mill, when IJM helped local authorities conduct the first operation. 23 people – including children – received release certificates, legal documents that emancipate them and entitle them to certain government benefits.

IJM Mumbai: Three Convictions After Courageous Testimony From Sex Trafficking Survivor

MUMBAI, INDIA – After a tough legal battle, an Indian court has declared three traffickers guilty of sex trafficking crimes and evicted them from the building they had been using as brothel. The just verdict means each of the traffickers will serve a prison sentence, and it means justice for the four girls who were rescued from the brothel in February 2010.