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IJM Kolkata: Our Favorite Day Of Summer Fun

KOLKATA, INDIA – Laughter and the crash of bowling pins tumbling down fills the air. A popular song begins to play, and dozens of girls shout and sing along. It could be an afternoon of fun anywhere in the world, but for the nearly 150 girls gathered in Kolkata, this afternoon is a standout event. The girls, many of them teenagers and some of them young mothers, are sex trafficking survivors.

IJM Kolkata: 16-Year-Old Trafficking Survivor Runs Away, IJM And Police Provide Safe Haven

KOLKATA, INDIA – A 16-year-old girl was running down a residential street just outside Kolkata. She looked desperate, but determined. Neighbors stopped her, and asked her why she was running. She told them she was running away. She said was running from the woman who was chasing her, the madam who she said had held her captive for the past two months in her home.