South Asia

IJM Mumbai: Search Through The Slums Leads To Rescue

MUMBAI, INDIA – As IJM and police arrived, an auto rickshaw sped away from the lodge that was doubling as a brothel. The girls had been ordered to leave immediately, as the manager feared the rescue team that was on its way.

The rescue team was indeed looking for the girls – who they believed were victims of sex trafficking. The lodge was empty, but the search was far from over. A surveillance team started to follow the auto rickshaw, determined to find the girls.

IJM Chennai: Slaves Set Free, Rice Mill Owner Not Present Because He Was In Court

CHENNAI, INDIA – This week, IJM assisted government officials to rescue 16 children, women and men from a rice mill.

Three years ago, IJM helped local authorities with an operation on the same rice mill to free a different group of forced labor slaves. When the rescue team arrived on Tuesday, the rice mill owner was not present because he was in court facing charges for the previous offense.

IJM Chennai: After A Decade Working to Repay a $10 Loan, A Man is Set Free with A Dozen Others

CHENNAI, INDIA – Over the weekend, 13 individuals were rescued from a tree-cutting unit where they were forced to work as slaves.

Ten years ago, one of the men borrowed 500 rupees from the owner, about $10. But this was not a loan; it was a trap meant to snare an impoverished man desperate for work. He had been working for a decade to repay the loan, but he was still in slavery. In fact, the owner claimed the alleged loan had grown to over $750.

IJM Chennai: Families Now Free from Forced Labor in "Deplorable" Rice Mill

CHENNAI, INDIA – This week, over two dozen children, women and men were released from slavery in a rice mill in rural India. After IJM documented evidence of forced labor in the abusive rice mill, government authorities responded by conducting the rescue operation.

IJM Chennai’s Director of Aftercare, Pranitha Timothy, added that the rice mill owner went to their village and offered them money and a better future. “That false promise lasted only a few days before the abuse began,” she said. And then, “they became hopeless.”