South Asia

IJM Launches Advocacy and Grassroots-Mobilization Campaign in India to End Slavery

CHENNAI, INDIA – Under a cloudy sky, the thumping of drums and the voices of folk singers drew a crowd eager to see what was happening. Under the shadow of the Gandhi statue at Chennai’s  Marina Beach, a crowd grew, drawing  dozens of school children, government officials, media personnel and NGO representatives to witness the launch of IJM Chennai’s advocacy and grassroots-mobilization campaign to raise awareness about forced labor slavery.

IJM Chennai: Three Rice Mill Owners Using Slave Labor Convicted

 CHENNAI, INDIA – Today, three rice mill owners who ran their businesses using slave labor were convicted of criminal charges. Each of the three perpetrators was fined and sentenced to prison, a significant ruling communicating a strong message that forced labor slavery is a crime punishable by law in India.

“These decisions are a powerful reminder that there are serious consequences to using forced labor,” said IJM Chennai’s Field Office Director Andy Griffiths.

IJM Kolkata Assists Police to Find Young Woman in Major Red-Light District

Yesterday, IJM assisted police to find a young Nepali woman in a major red-light district. The team brought her out of the brothel where she had been exploited for sex.

"The Criminal Investigations Department and the local police worked quickly and efficiently to rescue this girl," said IJM Kolkata Field Office Director Biju Mathew. "We are all grateful that she does not have to be abused by brothel customers and instead can rest in a home and in a bed that is safe."