South Asia

IJM Assists Mumbai Police with Anti-Trafficking Operation

MUMBAI, INDIA – Last week, in response to proof gathered by IJM, Mumbai police acted quickly to rescue several young women who were trapped in a brothel.

When IJM and police arrived on the night of the rescue, the women who had confided to IJM caseworkers about the abusive conditions inside the brothel were present. Another young woman, who had arrived the very night before and had not yet been sold by the owner, was among those rescued.

IJM Chennai Works with Government to Rescue Families from Slavery, Trapped for Over a Decade

CHENNAI, INDIA – Late last week, government officials rescued families from neighboring rice mills, where they had been forced to work as slaves – for over a decade.

IJM presented the evidence of forced labor slavery to the district government, assisting with the operation and providing immediate crisis care to the laborers. Three men and one young boy were taken to a hospital for necessary medical attention. The little boy had burned his hand at the rice mill – and the owner refused to provide treatment.

In India, Former Slaves become Leaders

CHENNAI, INDIA – Ramesh addressed a small room full of children, women and men, gathered from many villages throughout South India. His audience shared a common story: Once victims of forced labor slavery, the families were learning how to live in freedom again. Ramesh spoke from experience: "After release, life won't be easy – you will face lots of difficulties, but you have to make sure you work hard."

Slavery to Freedom