Southeast Asia

After Four Years in Court, IJM Manila Celebrates Justice with Trafficking Survivors

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Yesterday, two traffickers were sentenced to life in prison for trafficking minors for sex. IJM represented the survivors of this abuse in the four-year trial. After the just ruling was announced, IJM staff joined the trafficking survivors and their families for a meal together.

IJM Manila: A Bar Closed Means "No Child Will Ever Have to be Exploited Here Again"

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Late last week, a karaoke bar where minors had been trafficked and sold for sex was permanently closed. "This closure means that no child will ever have to be exploited here again," explained Lawrence Aritao, one of IJM Manila's lawyers.

Local authorities permanently closed a bar that was known to sell minors for sex. IJM helped police rescue girls who had been trafficked there last year, but the bar had re-opened for business the very next day.

IJM Celebrates Two Precedent-Setting Convictions in Cebu

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – This week, two traffickers were convicted under the Philippines' strong anti-trafficking law. The convictions were a long-awaited victory for the girls and women rescued from these perpetrators three years ago. Thankfully, the girls and women were rescued before ever being abused: They were actually intercepted by police as the traffickers attempted to transport them, making the conviction all the more significant.