Southeast Asia

IJM Thailand Celebrates with Mother and Daughter After Lifetime of Waiting

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – Mali* has lived in the same mountainous village for all 9 years of her life. Her mother, Bua,* grew up there too. Bua's brother is their village leader. Everyone knows the family, and yet, this mother and daughter have been repeatedly denied basic rights their entire lives—because they did not have the citizenship papers they were entitled to under Thai law.

Entitled to but Denied the Rights of a Citizen

IJM Cebu and Regional Anti-Trafficking Police Unit Rescue Girls Trafficked to Karaoke Bar

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – IJM Cebu worked with a special anti-trafficking unit of the Philippine National Police to rescue women and girls who were sexually exploited in a brothel that fronted as a karaoke bar in Cebu.

The rescue team entered the establishment around midnight on October 8, making their way to the back bar where girls had been sexually exploited in the private rooms available for customers to rent.

IJM Manila: Traffickers Have No Business in Our Community

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Last week, a bar where minors had been trafficked and sold for sex was permanently closed – underscoring the Philippines’ commitment to fight sex trafficking. Officers from the Philippines National Bureau of Investigations (NBI), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), local police and IJM staff were present for the closing.