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Survivors Get Justice in IJM’s Fastest Sex Trafficking Case in the Philippines

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – This month, three young women in the Philippines were honored through a local court’s ruling: The man and woman who had trafficked them were convicted for exploiting the girls in a bar that operated as a brothel.

The ruling came just nine months after these young women were rescued—a stunningly swift verdict in a country where notoriously slow courts have kept justice out of reach for many.

IJM Manila: Five Traffickers Convicted, Building Now Houses a Church, Gym and Restaurant

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – This week, five men and women were convicted for trafficking girls and selling them for sex out of a Manila bar.

It has been a multi-year battle for justice to bring the bar owner and his accomplices to justice.

Joint Operation Brings Rescue

In December 2010, IJM discovered that girls as young as 16 had been trafficked to the two-story bar and were being sold for sex.

IJM Helps Rescue Six Young Women Trafficked to an Upscale Bar

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Earlier this month, Cebu’s regional anti-trafficking police unit called IJM for assistance with a rescue operation at an upscale bar in the city. IJM has trained and worked with this unit since they were formed in 2009.

When the unit discovered girls were being sold for sex, they arranged for a meeting at a high-end bar. On June 14, 2014, IJM helped police rescue half a dozen young women and arrest two suspects.