Southeast Asia

In the Middle of Typhoon Nari, IJM Helps Bring Rescue and Arrest Traffickers

PAMPANGA, PHILIPPINES – As Typhoon Nari bore down on the Philippines this fall, the destruction made global headlines. But far below the headlines, another drama was playing out against the background of the torrential downpour and power outages.

In the midst of the typhoon, six young women were being rescued from the bar where they had been trafficked and sold for sex.

The entertainment bar was located in the heart of the red-light district in Angeles City, an internationally known destination for sex tourism.

IJM Cebu: On Their Night of Rescue, Victims of Sex Trafficking Empowered by Survivor Testimonies

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – In a covert sting operation on Friday night, IJM helped anti-trafficking police rescue a boy and several young women, including three 16-year-old girls. The pimp who had arranged the sale was arrested and is now facing sex trafficking charges.

The survivors had been recruited from impoverished neighborhoods in or around Cebu. Some of the girls said they thought they were just going to have dinner with "foreigners," and they were horrified and confused when they realized that the man who had offered them the job intended to sell them to customers for sex.

IJM Brings Rescue to Manila Bar, Survivors from Province Destroyed in Typhoon Haiyan

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – IJM helped rescue young women who were being sold for sex and exploited at a rooftop bar in Manila. Four of the survivors—including a 15-year-old girl—are from Samar, a very impoverished province.

The young women said they had been offered jobs as waitresses, a chance to lift themselves out of poverty. Instead they were taken to this video-karaoke bar and told they were "Guest Relations Officers," cocktail waitresses who were also forced to have sex with the bar's customers.