Trafficking Ring Run by Thai Monk Crumbles with Leader Behind Bars

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – A Thai monk known as “Pra Chai” is behind bars for trafficking and exploiting teenage boys. Pra Chai is the sixth Buddhist monk to be convicted for sex crimes in an investigation IJM has been supporting since early 2014. 

He was the ringleader of this trafficking ring, and the court’s strong sentence of 124 years reflects the country’s commitment to holding criminals accountable—no matter their position.

IJM Celebrates National Citizen Day by Honoring Hundreds Granted New Rights in Thailand

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND -- Today in the United States, we celebrate Citizenship Day. It’s a day to remember the creation of the Constitution and to celebrate the blessings of liberty that all citizens are meant to enjoy.

A group of Thai citizens recently celebrated a similar day to reflect on their new freedoms—though they have lived in Thailand for generations, many have just recently been recognized as citizens. The event was not an official national holiday, but hundreds showed up to celebrate. 

2.5 Million People in Thailand are Stateless