IJM Zambia: Irene Shares Tearful Thanks After 8-Year Legal Battle for Her Land

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Irene feared she would never win back the land her uncle stole from her family years ago. But with the support of IJM Zambia and a special friendship with her IJM social worker, Irene is now able to celebrate this week that her rights are finally restored.

Left Struggling by Her Uncle’s Greed

IJM Zambia: Conviction Means Safer Future for Rhona and Her Daughters

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Rhona was devastated when a powerful relative stole everything her ex-husband had left to support their two daughters. The theft left her impoverished family struggling for more than a decade on their own—unaided by local authorities—until a team from IJM Zambia came to help.

Last week, Rhona’s 11-year battle for justice finally ended when a local court convicted her sister-in-law for stealing the property that belongs to Rhona and her daughters.