Melanie Lane

CEO of Shell NewMotion

Melanie Lane has been managing commercial businesses within Shell for the past 15 years across Asia, Australia, UK and Europe. She is currently the CEO of Shell NewMotion, a new venture business dedicated to e-mobility across Europe, based out of the Netherlands. Mel has a particular interest in promoting and leveraging diversity and as a part of this actively seeks to support talented women and provides mentoring support to women cross sector. She speaks regularly to women’s groups in different sectors and actively participates in cross sector work on D&I. She also spends time promoting leadership and thought development amongst teenagers from both local and international communities to help prepare them for the complex world of tomorrow. She has held a number of Non-Executive positions for both Shell joint ventures and in the charity sector, most recently as a Trustee of the Whitehall Industry Group which seeks to promote cross sector learning and understanding and as a Trustee of IJM UK. Mel is British and was educated at Bristol University in the UK where she received both a BSc Hons and an MSc, the latter specialising in Development Economics and Policy. She is married and has 3 children.