Patty Sison-Arroyo

Adjunct Professor at Ateneo Law School in Manila, Philippines

Patty Sison-Arroyo currently serves as an adjunct professor and administrator at Ateneo Law School in Manila, Philippines. As a child rights advocate and human rights lawyer, she also serves as the Senior Adviser of the Child Rights Desk of the Ateneo Human Rights Center and was appointed by the Office of the President as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Council for the Welfare of Children of the Republic of the Philippines. She has passionately fought for the cause of the poor in cases involving violence against women and children, trafficking in persons, children in conflict with the law, and family disputes. Her extensive experience in the grassroots practice of law has contributed to the formulation of relevant legislation, policies and programs that address gender-based violence and child protection issues in the Philippines. She formerly served as Field Office Director of IJM’s Manila Field Office from 2003 to 2008 after volunteering with the team for two years as the office was first opening. Patty has also served on the board of Philippine Children’s Ministries Network and Ban Toxics. She lives in the Philippines in Quezon City with her husband Laurence and four sons.