Thad Nichols

Director of Marketing and Church Engagement

Thaddaeus Nichols is the director of church marketing and engagement.  In this role he encourages churches around the country to become synonymous with justice.  He does this primarily through leading his team to develop scalable programs and reproducible storytelling. 

Thaddaeus comes to the team with nearly 10 years of development and marketing with growing non-profits.  He is passionate about the role of the Church demonstrating God’s heart for the widow, orphan and fatherless (Isaiah 1:17).  Most recently, he was the director of development for a global organization focused on the discipleship of marketplace leaders in developing countries. Prior to that he led the development and marketing for a Chicago-based organization working among at-risk and fatherless teens.

Thaddaeus received his undergraduate degree in Church History & Philosophy from Moody Bible College, where he also captained their collegiate soccer team. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife Jodi and dog Madison.

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