Standing Up for the Innocent

In Kenya, it’s easy for a corrupt or incompetent police officer to frame and imprison, torture, or even kill an innocent person for a crime he did not commit. Kenyan prisons are overcrowded and full of innocent people, but without a lawyer to fight for their release, they have no way out – and police who abuse their power to falsely arrest, extort or murder innocent men and women are not held accountable. (Learn more about Police Abuse of Power.)

There’s another side to the problem – when law enforcement does not arrest the real perpetrators of crime, violent criminals are not brought to justice. As a result, sexual predators assault children without fear of any consequences; sexual violence is rampant.

We’re strengthening the ability of law enforcement to protect vulnerable children and helping police to hold abusive officers accountable.

What We Do

We Rescue Victims Bring Criminals to Justice Restore Survivors Strengthen Justice Systems
Police Abuse of Power We identify victims falsely accused of crimes and provide legal representation to exonerate them for crimes they did not commit. We support law enforcement to initiate investigations and prosecutions in cases of police abuse, including cases of malicious charging, police brutality and extrajudicial killings. We help survivors of police abuse rebuild their lives after rescue and release from prison through trauma therapy, assistance securing employment and more, as well as provide support to their families while they are imprisoned. We are working with government partners to restrain and deter police abuse and to hold police officers accountable for their actions. We also provide training to police and prosecutors on how to investigate and properly charge criminals, and we help churches and communities support survivors of police abuse.
Sexual Violence We rescue victims of sexual violence by partnering with Kenyan authorities, hospitals and community members to remove children from danger and address their immediate needs. In cases of sexual violence, we bring criminals to justice by helping law enforcement and prosecutors to adequately investigate and present strong evidence in court. We provide trauma-focused therapy for child survivors of sexual violence, helping them share the truth in court if they choose to testify, and ensuring that their families have the strong foundation they need to thrive. We provide regular training and hands-on mentoring to Criminal Investigations Department and investigating officers as well as partner hospital staff.

Our Progress

  • Through a groundbreaking agreement with the Nairobi County Prisons Service, we provide legal rights and advocacy training to men and women awaiting trial in jail who do not have a lawyer. Learn more »

  • We train and mentor prosecutors so that they can identify fraudulent charges, sweep bad cases out of the justice system and prosecute bad police officers. To date, nearly 500 prosecutors have been trained.

  • In 2016, IJM celebrated the first conviction of a police officer in a police abuse of power case.

  • Since 2008, we have secured the release of more than 250 innocent men and women from prison.

  • We are currently serving more than 210 participants in our aftercare program – and our trauma-focused counseling program is having a dramatic impact on child survivors of sexual violence. Learn more »

  • We are training investigators from Kenya’s Independent Policing Oversight Authority to conduct strong investigations into police abuse that lead to successful prosecutions.

  • We are training investigators from the National Police Service Commission’s newly constituted Internal Affairs Unit to conduct strong investigations into police abuse and to hold police officers accountable.

Our Team in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

Established 2001



Field office director

Greg Tarrant


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