You can send rescue to
those in slavery today.


You can send rescue tothose in slavery today.


Rescue Thousands. Protect Millions. Prove that justice for the poor is possible.


Lumber Boss Arrested for Trapping 15 in Slavery

Life in the facility was a constant cycle of fear, exhaustion and abuse.

IJM’s First Conviction in a Live-Streaming Cybersex...

A Filipino couple has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for live-streaming sexual...

Cambodian Woman Rescued from Bride Traffickers in China

Sophea* thought she was moving to get married, work and support her family back home in...

Aug 27  •  @IJM #ICYMI LAST WEEK IJM Mumbai assisted in rescuing a minor girl just before she was sold for sex for the first time.
Aug 26  •  @IJM Did you see #IJM featured on Instagram? #Uganda
Aug 26  •  @IJM We will not stop fighting #UntilAllAreFree! Sign up to join us on Sept 25th at your church!
Aug 26  •  @IJM "If you don't like the way the world is, change it." - Marian Wright Edelman
Aug 26  •  @IJM "Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me." -William Wilberforce Thank for partnering with us. #ijm
Aug 26  •  @IJM Did you know that 1 in 4 forced labor slaves are children? (ILO, 2012) We will not stop fighting #untilallarefree!
Aug 26  •  @IJM "If slavery is not wrong, then nothing is wrong." - Abraham Lincoln #endslavery #untilallarefree
Aug 25  •  @IJM "Modern-day slavery is as brutal as ever; more vast than ever, but more stoppable than ever." - Gary Haugen
Aug 25  •  @IJM We will not stop fighting! We won't give up. Will you join us in seeking that all are free?
Aug 25  •  @IJM If you haven’t yet seen Gary Haugen's TED Talk on everyday violence, you’ll want to watch and share it, now.

Help us bring Willie, Josephat and Joseph's murderers to justice


While working to protect the poor from police abuse of power, our colleague, human rights lawyer Willie Kimani, his client and their taxi driver were murdered. Their deaths were horrific and senseless, but they do not have to be in vain.

Kenyan prisons are full of innocent men and women with no way out and the police who abuse their power are not held accountable. We believe justice for all must be actively pursued.

Help us continue Willie's fight for #JusticeinKenya.

Help us bring Willie, Josephat and Joseph's murderers to justice


Continue Willie's fight for #JusticeinKenya.