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Frequently Asked Questions

You are a faith-based organization. What does that mean?

IJM is a team of lawyers, social workers, investigators, community activists and other professionals inspired by God's call to love all people and to seek justice. We serve all people, without regard to religion or any other factor, and seek to work alongside all people of goodwill. Our services are never, under any circumstances, conditioned upon religious profession, nor do our programs include religious proselytization.

IJM's staff members are Christians from a variety of traditions who are inspired by God’s call to love all people and to seek justice for those who are oppressed. We find strength and encouragement in sharing a spiritual life together.

Can I interview someone who works at IJM?

IJM staff are available for media interviews, but due to high demand we are generally unable to provide interviews for student research projects or general information about the work. If you are a member of the media, please visit the News and Media page.

Where does IJM work?

IJM has 24 field offices in 14 different countries where we actively collaborate with local governments and NGOs to rescue and protect people in poverty from violence.

View more detailed information about where we work.

What is IJM’s relationship with local governments and NGOs?

Our mission is to protect vulnerable people from violence. To fulfill this mission, our model is built on partnership. We work closely with local governments, community partners, NGOs and others to strengthen the justice system’s response to violent crimes. Justice system transformation through close collaboration with local partners results in safer communities and greater protection for vulnerable people.

IJM is a non-partisan, non-governmental, 501(c)3 organization. We operate with governmental approval and acknowledgment, and we depend on the partnership of local government and NGO partners.

Does IJM work on cases within the U.S.?

IJM does not conduct casework in the United States. IJM determines where to expand based on a combination of four factors: the presence of pervasive injustice, high levels of poverty as measured by the Multidimensional Poverty Index, a government willing to partner with IJM to build foundational capacities to address violence, and the ability to maximize resources to make an impact.

Since IJM’s model focuses on strengthening justice systems and building foundational capacities to enforce laws, IJM’s model does not work in the absence of any justice system. This reality prevents IJM from being most effective in war zones, military dictatorships or failed states. Similarly, this focus means IJM’s model is not most effective in contexts where those foundational justice system capacities are already in place.

How do I change the details of my gift?

To make changes regarding the frequency or amount of your gift, or to update any other giving details, contact our Giving Team at 703-465-5495 from 5:30p.m.EST, Monday through Friday.

Does IJM issue a tax receipt for gifts?

Yes, you will receive either a mailed or electronic receipt. For donations sent by mail, you will receive a paper receipt. For donations made online at, you will receive a receipt via email. Our Giving Team is happy to answer any question you have—contact them by calling 703-465-5495 from 9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, or by emailing

Can I raise money for IJM?

Yes! Whether you would like to dedicate your birthday, run a marathon, or plan a different fundraising event, we have prepared a fundraising page filled with useful ideas and resources to help you. If you would like to create your own fundraising page, please contact us at Thank you for supporting our work!

How can I access IJM’s financial statements?

You can access our financial statements on the Financials page.

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