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LIMITED-TIME MATCH! Your gift doubles in impact to help send rescue and restore more lives.

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Join us to leverage your workplace as a force for good.

We are building a big table filled with justice-minded individuals and organizations who are leveraging their power to stop violence against people living in poverty.

Leverage Your Work for Good

IJM equips employees, business owners and justice-minded companies with tools and resources to become a powerful force in the fight to end modern slavery and violence.

IJM understands that employees, business owners and companies strive to use their influence and resources for good. Many care specifically about this work of ending modern slavery for good. We want to equip you to do just that.

In the fight to protect people in poverty from violence, you’re not alone. We have resources to support and encourage you along the way and actionable steps you can take to make a difference around the globe. Read more about specific ways IJM can empower you in your workplace.

Get Involved

Our team has curated a number of opportunities for your workplace to help end modern slavery around the world. Read more about a first step you can take today.

Employer Match Gifts

Consider the impact that doubling (or tripling!) your gift could have on the millions of people trapped in modern slavery and violence. Will your company match your gift? Find out now!

Employee Resource Groups

Does your company have existing groups related to human rights, Christianity, nonprofit work, social impact or volunteering? If so, let us provide you with resources including discussion guides, books and specific actions to take to bring you deeper into the work of IJM.

Host a Speaker

Bringing an IJM speaker into your workplace is an incredible way to gather your colleagues and actively learn, ask questions and hear stories of how we are in a position of power to help protect people in poverty from violence.

Partner with a Field Office

A financial partnership with IJM is one way for your business to reflect your corporate values, commitment and desire to end modern slavery. As a field office partner, you will receive exclusive access to field operations and rescue updates and biannual reports from the field team.

Workplace Partners

Hear from some of our workplace partners who have dreamt up creative ways to join IJM in the fight for justice.


Dairyland began 40 years ago and their leadership always believed that business was something to steward and use as a means for generosity. After years of that remaining a quiet purpose, they reimagined what would be possible if they invited employees, their families and even others throughout the industry to expand the collective impact for good.

Their partnership with IJM began in 2018 and has provided their employees and community with numerous opportunities to learn more about the work of IJM, including connection with IJM’s field staff and a financial partnership.

“Not every check written, hour listening to a presentation about IJM’s work on Lake Volta, or half day serving our local communities will directly benefit the business. However, we invest in these things because we believe they matter in serving the common good and rooting out suffering even as they form us and offer richer purpose to our work.” – Director of Culture & Formation, Dairyland

MEI Total Elevator Solutions

MEI Total Elevator Solutions was first introduced to IJM through the company’s founder reading the Locust Effect and his personal involvement, but he didn’t want it to stop there. He decided to bring IJM to the rest of the business. Through a financial partnership, hosting IJM speakers, taking trips to IJM field offices and even an employee match program, they have developed and deepened their relationship with IJM.

This connection with IJM is important to MEI because their values include sharing their resources, being a blessing to others, setting an example of having compassion and acting generously.

“IJM is a solid organization that produces real impact and change. They are truly saving lives with the work they do. We know, because we’ve seen the work first hand through multiple field trips we’ve participated in.  We absolutely need more people to step up and support this type of work.” – Founder, MEI Total Elevator Solutions

Corporate Partnerships

IJM also partners with corporations to develop tailored solutions that address forced labor. We are building a robust, public-private coalition of corporations and governments who are leveraging their power to eliminate forced labor slavery and protect communities where their supply chains operate.

Learn more about our work and read real examples where IJM and corporations have partnered with governments to strengthen justice systems and protect vulnerable people from violence.

Partner with IJM

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