Would You Stand Up For Gowri?

We need your help to rescue families
from slavery and violence today.


Rescue Thousands. Protect Millions. Prove that justice for the poor is possible.


Four Convicted in Bangalore for Bonded Labor

The men had forced families, including children as young as 5, to work as slaves.

IJM Mumbai Trains More than 10K Officials in 2015

IJM Mumbai staff are celebrating a major milestone this December with the completion of...

Holiday Jingles Spread Cheer AND Freedom with Triller App

What started as a holiday singing competition among staff at International Justice...

Feb 7  •  @IJM We believe that we can #ENDslavery in our lifetime. Do you? Join the fight:
Feb 7  •  @IJM Our friends at published this update on our work in the DR. Change IS happening! Check it out:
Feb 7  •  @IJM "Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public." - Cornel West.
Feb 7  •  @IJM  Thank you for your support in this work!
Feb 7  •  @IJM  We are grateful for your partnership, Jacqui!
Feb 6  •  @IJM  We are so grateful for your partnership, Alison!
Feb 6  •  @IJM Maryland friends: We’re headed to Ocean City tomorrow, Feb. 7 with Excited to join you for ROCK Conference!
Feb 6  •  @IJM  Grateful for your partnership in ending slavery!!
Feb 6  •  @IJM  Love it!
Feb 6  •  @IJM  Grateful for your commitment to see the end of slavery!