“He told us, ‘I can either keep you here all your life or I can kill you.’"

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Freedom Takes Time For Children Rescued from Cybersex...

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Five children as young as 2 years old were rescued from online...

Nuns Offer Different Sort of Sanctuary in Opening New Crisis...

Survivors were often taken to a random government building or back to the police station—...

IJM Secures First Conviction for New Casework Targeting Cybersex...

CEBU, PHILIPPINES Twelve girls just wanted to help their impoverished families. The girls...

Nov 24  •  @IJM Remember the kids rescued from cybersex trafficking 3 months ago? Here's how they're doing:
Nov 24  •  @IJM "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it." -Helen Keller #endslavery
Nov 24  •  @IJM The justice movement needs your time, talents and passion. Check out our open positions to see where you fit! #jobs
Nov 24  •  @IJM These 5 kids rescued from cybersex trafficking are safe. But the journey to freedom takes time: #aftercare #healing
Nov 24  •  @IJM We believe that justice for the poor IS possible. Will you stand with us and help #endslavery for good? WATCH:
Nov 24  •  @IJM Ladies at IJM are gearing up to kick off their Dressember campaigns. Don't miss out!
Nov 24  •  @IJM We need your help to protect children like Maya from slavery & violence. Change lives today:
Nov 23  •  @IJM Are you looking for a way to combat modern-day slavery? Learn more about and join a team!
Nov 23  •  @IJM Rescue thousands, Protect millions, Prove Justice for the poor is possible. #ENDslavery #ENDviolence
Nov 23  •  @IJM This Florida program will receive a $600k grant to continue helping human trafficking victims!