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The Fight of my Life

Finding Ruby

A powerful PODCAST experience

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Ep. 1 The Trick

Piece by piece, the layers of protection around Ruby are pulled away. It is into this space that the message arrives on Facebook.

Ep. 2 The Trap

Ruby is caught in the online sex trafficking den. The days are grueling but she is determined to escape.

Ep. 3 The Trespasses

Who exactly is on the other side of the webcam? We come face to face with the kind of men exploiting Ruby.

Ep. 4 The Treasure

Light breaks into the darkness. A painstaking investigation leads to the rescue of Ruby and the other girls.

Ep. 5 The Trial

The fight for justice now begins. Ruby’s perpetrators belong behind bars, but their lawyer will do anything to stop that from happening.

Ep. 6 The Triumph

Bitterness and anger well up in Ruby as she tries to move on with her life. Can she overcome this and truly heal?

A job offer to work in a computer shop was too good of an opportunity for 16-year-old Ruby to pass up.

When she arrived, far from her rural home in the Philippines, she quickly knew something was wrong.

But it was too late. Ruby realized she’d been tricked — trafficked into the dark world of online sexual exploitation of children.

She wasn’t allowed to leave. And no one knew where she was… Yet.

The fight was on — for her and for those determined to find her and rescue her.

This is not a story of a victim – it is one of a fierce survivor.

It is a story of redemption and hope. Today, Ruby is a leader, an advocate and a woman with a mission and a message to share.

Produced by Cadence Media*, “The Fight of My Life: Finding Ruby” is a six-part immersive podcast experience that takes listeners on a powerful journey with Ruby, through the darkness of an online sex trafficking den and out again into the light of justice, healing and restoration.

In-depth interviews with lawyers, police officers, investigators and social workers give listeners a backstage pass to see just what is involved in a rescue operation, what it takes to fight for justice and how we can all play a part in stopping this crime hidden in plain sight.

Learn more about the podcast and individual episodes on the Cadence podcast site.

* Cadence Media (ACN: 661 647 758) is a creative production agency, based in Sydney Australia, that specializes in telling stories for good. IJM is a long-term client of Cadence; however, this podcast is an unfunded passion project of Cadence.

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