Dedicate one Sunday at your church to end slavery.

Freedom Sunday

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Ending Slavery Begins With Your Church

Freedom Sunday is an invitation for your congregation to learn about slavery and partner with IJM to end it.

Dedicate Sunday, September 23 to ending slavery. God wants everyone to be free and wants your church to help bring hope and freedom to every enslaved and abused child, woman and man.

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When you host Freedom Sunday, you will:

  • See the problem of slavery.

    Slavery still exists. With more than 40 million slaves in the world today, it’s worse than ever.

  • Understand God’s heart to end it.

    Your church will learn what it looks like to “seek justice and defend the oppressed” in our world.

  • Join the fight.

    You will be invited to join IJM as a Freedom Partner in the fight to end slavery—until all are free!

We want to be a people who … push back darkness in our world. We see Freedom Sunday as a practical way to live this out, giving The Village Church the opportunity to literally help rescue men, women and children from slavery through their giving and participation.

Matt Chandler Lead Teaching Pastor
The Village Church, Dallas, TX

We got the whole church involved, from Sunday School, to the youth groups, to the pulpit. Kids were carrying bricks so they could better understand what modern-day slaves do. Former human trafficking victims performed a beautiful dance depicting the freedom that God has given them. God did more than I hoped or imagined. It was a joy to be a part of.

Grace Kvamme
IJM Bay Area City Leader

They say the job of the preacher is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comforted. That is exactly what Freedom Sunday did at Water's Edge. For those who were aware and involved in freedom issues, tackling this issue encouraged them in their efforts. For many who were oblivious to the plight of so many, it was like an electric shock. Freedom Sunday exposed them to realities they had missed. We'll make Freedom Sunday an annual event.

Rev. Bill Crawford
Water’s Edge, Manhattan Beach, CA