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Violence Against
Women and Children: Prevention and Response

News and Learnings from IJM

Who We Are

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization working in low-to-middle income countries to protect vulnerable children, men and women from violence.

IJM operates 21 Field Offices in 13 Countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America where it collaborates with local authorities to combat such crimes as violence against women and children, forced labor slavery, sex trafficking, and police abuse of power.

IJM is currently implementing programs to address sexual violence in Bolivia, and other forms of violence against women and children in Guatemala and El Salvador. In Uganda IJM programs address sexual assault of children and intimate partner violence. IJM combats on-line sexual exploitation of children in the Philippines and commercial sexual exploitation of children in the Dominican Republic and Mumbai and Kolkata, India. The goal of these IJM programs is to increase the capacity of governments to combat violence against women and children, increase victims’ access to social and justice services, and decrease impunity for VAWC through apprehension and prosecution of perpetrators.

In an ecological model of VAWC, the absence of functioning and accessible justice services should be understood to be a significant societal risk factor for women and children.

When the authorities fail to exercise their unique obligation to restrain those who perpetrate acts of violence against women and children, the law does not deter potential abusers and the crime itself becomes normalized and pervasive.

Over the past 20 years, IJM has assisted 979 victims of sexual assault, 571 victims of online commercial sexual exploitation of children (OSEC), and 782 minor victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

Additionally, IJM has collaborated with local authorities to prosecute and convict 923 perpetrators of these crimes and is working to deter violence against women and girls and extend the protection of the law to them. IJM’s approach has demonstrated that justice systems, when supported and mentored, are capable of successfully investigating and prosecuting VAWC in a trauma-informed way.

Where We Work

Latest Blogs

IJM Resources

Uganda Spotlight Initiative Report

Executive Summary of Final Report submitted to UNDP for Q4 2019 This booklet highlights the key findings and activities from 2019 demonstrating the major gaps, challenges, and urgent recommendations for 2020.

Covid19 OSEC Brief

The END OSEC Center in the Philippines published a brief with some of the findings from the recent OSEC study, as well as some of the COVID-19 implications for online exploitation of children.

IJM Justice Review, 2019

Summaries of recent IJM studies of violence against women and children in Uganda, Guatemala, and Bolivia.

Assessment of Survivor Outcomes Validation Study (ASO)

The Assessment of Survivor Outcomes (ASO) tool, developed by International Justice Mission, is a valid and reliable tool for measuring progress toward restoration and outcomes for survivors who are recovering from various forms of violence and exploitation.

Bolivia, 2018

A Performance Study of The Bolivian Public Justice System: An IJM investigation conducted in collaboration with the Bolivian Magistrate's Council to assess the criminal process, from start to finish, of cases of sexual violence against children in La Paz, Bolivia.

Uganda, 2018

An Endline Study of the Prevalence of Property Grabbing among Widows In Mukono County, Uganda, and the Response of the Justice System (2018)

Uganda, 2018

External Evaluation of IJM's Property Grabbing Program in Mukono County, Uganda An external evaluation of IJM's 2012-2017 program to address land theft (property grabbing) from widows by strengthening the public justice system response.

Guatemala, 2018

The Criminal Justice System Response to Child Sexual Assault in Guatemala: 2013–2017 Indicators of Practice, Process, and Resolution. An IJM endline study.

Philippines, 2018

Child Sex Trafficking in Metro Manila, an IJM Crime Prevalence Study.

Philippines, 2017

Evaluation of the Program to combat Sex Trafficking of children in the Philippines, 2003-2015, Dr. Robin Haarr.

Child Sexual Assault

Practice and learnings, 2017: Recommendations for implementation of INSPIRE.

Philippines, 2016

Child Sex Trafficking in Angeles City, an IJM crime prevalence study.

Dominican Republic, 2015

A study measuring the prevalence of children in commercial sexual exploitation in the Dominican Republic

Cambodia, 2013

A study measuring the prevalence of children in commercial sexual exploitation in Cambodia.

Guatemala, 2013

Guatemalan Criminal Justice System Performance Study, 2008-2012 Indicators of Practice, Process and Resolution within cases of Child Sexual Assault. An IJM baseline study.

Philippines, 2011

Cebu “Project Lantern” Results Summary, an IJM white paper.

Philippines, 2010

Cebu “Project Lantern” Impact Assessment, by Andrew Jones and Associates.

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